How To Animated Blinks and Eye Movement

4 Blinks Every Animator Should Know

Morr Meroz Misc

How to animate blinks and eye darts Blinking and eye movements gives life to a character, even when it’s standing still. Each animator develops his/her own blinking style, but in this video I’ll show you some of my bread and butter blinks and eye darts that never fail. If you want to learn more about character animation in Maya, check …

How to Photoshop Your Profile Photo

How to Photoshop Your Profile Photo to Look Amazing With 6 Simple Tricks (For Facebook or More)

Morr Meroz Career Skills for Artists, Hardware / Software

People obsess over their profile photos. They would go over hundreds of photos to pick the perfect one. But its actually very simple to take an average photo and make it look MUCH better using some very simple photoshop tools. In this tutorial we’ll learn how to photoshop any picture you want to use as a profile picture, and make …

How to make an animated movie

How to Make an Animated Movie: A Short Documentry

Morr Meroz Filmmaking

This video gives a quick breakdown on the steps it takes to make a short 3D animated film, in a way that’s easy to understand. Don’t forget to watch the actual film. Read more about the making of our animated shorts. The steps covered in the video: Story Script Storyboard Animatic Modeling Rigging Previz Animation Lighting Rendering Editing Sound Design

Food For Thought

“Food For Thought” – an Animated Short Film

Morr Meroz Misc

My thesis short film, produced at the Computer Arts department at the School of Visual Arts. About the film A fish’s journey to discover its true place in the world. “Food For Thought” is a 3D animated short film full of humor, dialogue and tragedy. The idea for the film was conceived while I was at the zoo. I looked at …