How to Make a Press Kit (Including a Free Press Kit Template)

Morr Meroz Career Skills for Artists, Filmmaking

As you know, my film LIFT UP is finally finished(!) Now what’s next? The natural next step for most filmmakers upon finishing a film is submitting it to festivals. I’ll talk about festival submission on a future post, but first I want to cover the main ingredient you’ll need beforehand – a press kit. In this post I’ll show you how to make …

Lighting and Rendering

How I rendered this shot using Maya Software and no lights (Making an Animated Movie)

Morr Meroz Filmmaking, Hardware / Software

Lighting and Rendering In this part of our ‘Making of’ series I’m going to show you how I lit and rendered the entire film, using only the basic Maya software renderer (Not Mental Ray or VRay) and without creating any lights. I have included two video tutorials, the first one covers creating the render layers in Maya and the second one covers …