Become a Bloop Affiliate

Earn 25% commission on all referrals, and promote a product that helps people grow and improve their skills.


Earn commission on every referral.

15 exclusive premium courses available for promotion with a price tag of up to $397. Create unique links to any page on the site, and get paid for any purchase made. Track all traffic and conversions with our intuitive dashboard. Earnings are paid within 60 days.

How does it work?

  • Create a unique link

    Use our affiliate dashboard to create unique links to any page, course, or article on our site.

  • Promote it

    Post that link wherever you promote your content.

  • Visitors make a purchase

    When visitors go through your link and make a purchase, it's tracked and registered on your affiliate account. It doesn't matter what they bought, as long as they came from your referral.

  • Get paid

    You get paid within 60 days of purchase.

What does "affiliate" mean?

Affiliate programs allow promoting another company’s products, and receiving a commission on each sale. In other words – an affiliate shares a unique link to a specific product, and when people click on it and make a purchase, a commission is paid to the affiliate. Simple right?

Who are we looking for?

We’re not just looking for anyone to post a link on Facebook and hope for the best. We’re looking for people who have some kind of online presence and are familiar with Bloop’s products. We don’t want empty recommendations, but sincere affiliates who are interested in marketing and promoting.

What products are available for promotion?

All of Bloop’s courses are currently available for promotion. Check out our courses page for the full list.