Is Flash Being Discontinued by Adobe? All the Facts

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I’ve seen statements like this all over different comment sections, and people still ask me if they should get our Flash Animation course, with the fear that the software will be discontinued soon and they’re concerned whether or not it’s even worth getting into it. I want to make this very clear, once and for all: Animate CC (formerly named …

Starting a Project with TVPaint Animation

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In these 3-part video series we go over starting a project in TVPaint Animation, from storyboarding to a finished animatic. These lessons are taken from our full TVPaint Animation course. The course includes 36 HD lessons, teaching frame-by-frame animation, camera movement, 2D visual effects and much more. Part 1: Storyboarding Part 2: Publishing your storyboard Part 3: Making an animatic YouTube Tutorials are great. But… I …

TVPaint Animation course is launching on April 25

Morr Meroz Hardware / Software

As we’re finalizing the lessons for our brand new course TVPaint Animation, I wanted to officially announce its release date. The course will come out on April 25. This is a big one. This course is packed with so much information, covering all the amazing traditional animation tools TVPaint has to offer. It goes in depth, showing how to animate an entire scene …

Toon Boom Harmony vs Flash (Adobe Animate): Which One Should You Use?

Morr Meroz Hardware / Software

If you’re one of the many people looking to get into 2D animation, or are considering updating your workflow, you might be wondering: What’s the best software to use? The most common debate in the 2D realm is Toon Boom vs. Flash. In this article we’ll look at two of the biggest contenders. Toon Boom Harmony and Adobe Animate CC (the modern incarnation of …

2 Free Lessons from Our Animation Foundations Course

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If you are interested in learning the basics of animation, but not sure if our Animation Foundations course is for you, check out these 2 free lessons from the course. Squash and Stretch In this lessons we cover one of the most basic principles from The 12 Principles of Animation, learning the concept of squashing and stretching, including different examples of how …

Our Production Equipment

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As you might have seen, we have started producing 3 new weekly shows on the Bloop Animation YouTube channel. In order to produce those shows with the level of quality we wanted, we needed to get some new equipment. I know a lot of people often ask about tools and gear, so I thought I’d save you the wondering.