How We Rendered Tasteful

Morr Meroz Filmmaking

In the past few weeks I’ve been finishing the rendering and compositing of Tasteful, if you follow me on Instagram you probably saw frames I posted here and there, but let’s go deeper into exactly how I rendered the film. What render engine did I use? How did I structure my render layers and shaders? What about how I ended …

Lighting and Rendering

How I rendered this shot using Maya Software and no lights (Making an Animated Movie)

Morr Meroz Filmmaking, Hardware / Software

Lighting and Rendering In this part of our ‘Making of’ series I’m going to show you how I lit and rendered the entire film, using only the basic Maya software renderer (Not Mental Ray or VRay) and without creating any lights. I have included two video tutorials, the first one covers creating the render layers in Maya and the second one covers …