Our New Course Pricing – Explained

We are increasing the prices for our entire courses library. In this post I’ll explain exactly how this is going to happen, and until when you will be able to get the courses for the old price.

Here is some context, in case you need it:

With the launch of our new course Storyboarding Foundations on September 5th, we are going to increase the prices of our entire courses library. The prices will go up at the end of the course launch, which will be Thursday, September 7th at midnight. After that, the prices will never be as low again.

The changes

As you know, all of our courses come in 3 packages, Basic, Pro and Master. We also have the Ultimate Package which includes our entire course library.

  • The Basic Package includes only the selected course.
  • the Pro Package includes the selected course plus our Animation Foundations course.
  • The Master Package includes the selected course, Animation Foundations and our ebook, Animation for Beginners.

These packages are currently priced at $49, $79, and $99, respectfully, with the Ultimate Package priced at $299.

So here are the changes:

  • The Basic Package will still include only the selected course, and its price will increase to $67.
  • The Pro Package will still include the selected course plus Animation Foundations, and its price will increase to $97.
  • The Master Package changes a bit, and will now include not only your selected course and Animation Foundations, but also the Storyboarding Foundation course, as well as our ebook. So that’s 3 courses and the ebook. Its price will increase to $147.
  • Our Ultimate Package, which will now include 8 courses, and the ebook (that’s a $565 value), will cost $397.

A side note: Since Storyboarding Foundations will be included in the Master Package, if you buy any of the Master Packages before the price increase you will get Storyboarding Foundations for free, because it will be added to all the Master Packages upon launch.

I know that’s not a small price increase, but you still have time to get the courses at their old price, so what are you waiting for?