Update to Our After Effects Animation Course

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We are releasing a massive update to our After Effects Animation course next Friday (Black Friday). Here are all the details.

Why update?

Even though our After Effects course was great, I felt like it could use a refresh, and in it try to focus more on the motion graphics aspect of the software, teaching some important After Effects skills such as logo and text animation, as well as take the character animation section to another level, by covering advanced character rigging.

What will the new course cover?

The new course will cover all the basics. The user interface, project management, layers, compositions, masks, and mattes.

After that we’ll go into more advanced topics such as keyframe animation, the graph editor, using precomps, shape layers, effects, 3D layers, expressions and scrips.

Once the basics are covered, we’ll get into animation.

We’ll start with logo animation, going over preparing your assets, animating them in After Effects and even how to use Cinema4D Lite to add 3D elements to your scene.

Then we’ll get into character animation, using the popular free plugin DUIK Bassel to rig a character from scratch, and animating it.

Then we’ll go over a project pipeline. How to plan a new project, set it up and deliver it to the client.

How much will it cost?

The new course is going to be 53 lessons, compared to the 25 lessons of the previous version. Yes, this is a huge update. Double the size. And we’re going to keep it as the same price of $67.

If you already bought the After Effects Animation course, you will get this update for free.

What about the old course?

We’re keeping 2 modules from the old course, the ones focusing on character animation with our ninja rig. This will show you a different method for rigging, and provide you with a second character you can animate with.

I hope you like this update, we’re very proud of it. I believe it will take our After Effects to a whole new level. Enjoy!

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