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Best Animation Film Festivals for Submitting Your Animated Short Film

Morr Meroz Animation Industry, Filmmaking

After finishing our third animated short film Tasteful, we knew we wanted to go all in on festival submission. I’ve had some experience with free or cheap festivals when I submitted Lift Up in 2014, but with Tasteful I wanted to try and get into some of the best animation film festivals in the world, including some Oscar Qualifying ones. …

Making the Trailer for Tasteful

Morr Meroz Filmmaking

In this post I will cover my process of creating the trailer for our latest animated short film Tasteful. Before you keep reading I suggest watching the trailer (it’s only 39 seconds long). Music first The first thing I did, believe it or not, was ask our composer, Galo, for trailer music. A music track for me to base the trailer …

How to Become an Animation Director

Morr Meroz Animation Industry, Career Skills for Artists, Filmmaking

Many of the questions I get are about how to become an animation director. But unlike most jobs, there’s no clear path to becoming a director. Going to film school does not guarantee a directing job after, and there’s rarely a job opening under “Director” online. Some people get there at 21, and some spend their whole life trying and …