Why I Don’t Do Client Work

Morr Meroz Filmmaking

I worked for different productions studios (animation, VFX, film etc…), and noticed a few things about their business model. It’s mostly based on having minimal staff, getting clients, then hiring as many freelancers as possible to deliver the work to the client, and repeat. As my animation studio grows, I’m approached very often with offers to do client work myself, …

Character Animator Animation Course coming November 23

Morr Meroz Filmmaking

Exciting news! This upcoming Friday (AKA Black Friday) we’re launching a brand new course: Character Animator Animation Adobe’s Character Animator is a new player in the animation game, but it’s already made waves in the industry. It lets you record yourself in real time and use your face animate a pre-made rig, lip-sync and all. It’s pretty magical. And easier …

Bes animation film festivals

Best Animation Film Festivals for Submitting Your Animated Short Film

Morr Meroz Animation Industry, Filmmaking

After finishing our third animated short film Tasteful, we knew we wanted to go all in on festival submission. I’ve had some experience with free or cheap festivals when I submitted Lift Up in 2014, but with Tasteful I wanted to try and get into some of the best animation film festivals in the world, including some Oscar Qualifying ones. …