A New Course About How Pixar Creates Stories

In the 9+ years Bloop Animation has been around, we have always created our own products and courses. Bloop was never meant to be a course marketplace, but rather a boutique learning platform with high-quality premium courses.

That meant our rule was – we create and own all of our courses.

Today, we break that rule.

Today we announce a new course, created by our friends at Story Xperiential in partnership with Pixar Animation Studios.

You can guess why we broke our rule for this one (:

Story Xperiential was created by a team of former Pixar veterans with the purpose of reaching out to creative aspiring storytellers and teaching them the Pixar way of crafting stories.

And how do they do that? Simple! They use actual Pixar employees as the teachers in the course. Each week, students will go through live video sessions with a different Pixar artist, learning about the different parts of the storytelling process.

From concepts to characters, to outlining a 3 act structure, editing the story, and finalizing your draft.

This course is truly unique, and not one that we could have made ourselves, which is why this partnership was made.

So what does that mean for you when you buy this course?

First, it means that the purchasing process happens on Story Xperiential’s website, not ours (unless you purchase the All-Access combo, which can only be purchased on our site).

Second, it means you get 15% off the course if you use the coupon code BLOOP15. This is only valid through September 30, so please make sure to get it before then.

It also means that this is not an “on-demand” type of course like the ones you know from Bloop. While you will have access to all past sessions, the best way to take advantage of this course is to attend the 9 weekly live sessions.

There will also be a platform to upload your work and get feedback from your peers, interact with other students, and ask the instructor specific questions.

Honestly, I can go on and on about why this course is awesome, but I already did on this page, so go check out the full page for detailed information on what’s included in this course.

As always, if you have any questions, please contact us and we’ll get back to you ASAP.

– Morr