Tasteful Has Been Released and You Can Watch It Right Now

I’m extremely excited to announce that our latest 3D animated short film Tasteful has finally been released! After over two years of production we are very excited to release this work of love to you guys.

Thank you Team Foodz

It’s been a long ride, longer than I expected, but it’s finally over. I’d like to take this chance to thank our amazing team, Team Foodz. I would first like to a acknowledge the hard work of our producer Muriel Moraes who’s made this journey as smooth as possible. Our talented art director Milos Djurdjevic, who’s style and comedic sense has defined the look and feel of the film. From storyboarding to the final design of our main protagonists. His love for animation and comedy can be felt after three minutes of conversation. Our dearest Holly Gee, who have designed a huge chunk of the films assets, from the many many props scattered around the trucks to each and every protestor. She started off as a concept artist and ended up gracefully carrying most of the design work of the film on her shoulder. Galo Ortiz, my long time composer and friend. This is the second film I have worked on with him and I was still surprised by the quality, versatility and speed with which he delivered every piece of music, often making me sit back with a big smile as I listened. This film would challenge every composer, switching musical genres so quickly, but Galo didn’t break a sweat. Perhaps I need to challenge him more next time.

Our technical team was made out of a number of amazing people, who’ve spent many hours chatting with me on Slack, being harassed day after day for tiny changes that were needed, with constant “urgency”. The rigging team was lead by Brett Taggart, who worked tirelessly to make sure Piggy and Fishy can express their anger and discontent as funnily as possible. He was loyally supported by Branden Pericon, who single-handedly took upon himself the despairing task of rigging the protestors. Juan David Gallego Arango was brought on near the end of production to help cover some last-minute issues that needed to be solved. Chan Jun Chun was our super-hero character modeler, who displayed inhuman modeling speed, creating all the character models for the film. He never said much, but that’s probably because he was too busy modeling. Anything that wasn’t a breathing creature was modeled by Kat Trautmann, our environment and hard surface modeler, who has built our entire world. A gorgeous park, full of trees, lamps, benches, and trash cans. Not to mention every little piece of the props that decorated our different food trucks. Oh, and also the food trucks. Making this movie showed me how much could be done by one person, yet I am still at awe. André Albino was my spiritual (and technical) guide throughout the terrifying and time-consuming lighting and rendering process, setting up our shaders and light setups, as well as troubleshooting any technical issue that came up during rendering.

While finalizing the film we’ve used the great talents of our 2D animator Pablo Conde, who created the 2D visual effects by hand drawing them on the film, adding a hand-made feel to it. Victor Alves De Siqueira came at the last minute to finalize our sound design, making sure our film sounded as good as it looked.

I would also like to thank our concept art team who did all the pre-production work on the film. Coming up with some of the amazing art and early concepts presented in this book. Their work guided the artistic direction of the film for the entire production. Elizabeth Del Rosario was in charge of designing the trucks, while Angela Yuan and James Booth were the artists behind our early concept work, getting all of us excited before there was any film or storyboards.

Thank you, all of you at Team Foodz. This was an incredible journey, and I couldn’t have done it without each and every one of you. You should feel very proud now. Our project came out great.

What are you waiting for?

Now, without further ado, please take part in the festivities and watch the finished film.