Stick Figure Animation Course – Official Announcement

Have you heard of Alan Becker? The guy who created this:

He isn’t only one of the most popular animators on YouTube (if not THE most popular), but he’s also been creating viral animated videos before viral videos were a thing.

Since making Animator vs. Animation, Alan created a few more shorts in the same spirit, including spin-offs such as Animator vs. Minecraft and Animator vs. YouTube.

His stick figure animations are amazingly crafted and highly entertaining.

He’s also a great guy…

Can you see where I’m going with this?

Yep. We partnered with Alan to create an animation masterclass exclusive for Bloop Animation.

I present – Stick Figure Animation course!

Over 40 video lessons.

An entire section with a complete demo of how Alan makes his animations.

A deep look into his current production process.

Advice and insight for aspiring animators and YouTubers.

And a lot more.

For more details, check out the course page.

The course will be available on November 29 (Black Friday) and will be released at a discounted price for the first few days.

Trailer and sample lessons are coming soon (:

Hope you’re excited for this as we are!