Making a Graphic Novel – Coming May 1st

I’m excited to announce the newest edition to our courses library – Making a Graphic Novel.

Just like the name implies, the course will teach you everything there is to know about creating graphic novels and comic books from scratch. It’s going to be one of the biggest courses we’ve ever created, and will be the best online course on the topic you can find.

What will you learn?


We’ll cover the basics like different publishing conventions and comic books terminology and theory, as well as go over different styles of comic books.


We’ll go over all the different comic book elements like lettering and word balloons, and learn layouts, including backgrounds, inking, tone and color.


We’ll learn the different pipelines for graphic novel production, as well as how to work in a team vs. solo.


We’ll learn how to structure your story and characters, as well as how to format a script around it.


We’ll learn the actual process of making the comic book itself:

  • Drawing
  • Penciling
  • Lettering
  • inking
  • Coloring
  • Traditional / Digital


We’ll learn the basics of publishing vs. self-publishing, as well as different printing options, book design, distribution and marketing.

A dream come true

This course is gonna be a must-have for any artists with a dream of making their own graphic novel.

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