iPad Animation Course – Coming Soon!

I wanted to let you know about ANOTHER new course that’s coming up the chain. It’s called iPad Animation, and it’s awesome.

As you probably guessed from the title, this course focuses on the process of animating on an iPad.

Why an iPad? Mostly because out of all the consumer tablets, the iPad (along with the Apple Pencil) offers the best drawing experience.

But no worries. If you’re using a different tablet for drawing, you can still take away a ton from this course.

So what is this course about?

In a few words – this course covers EVERYTHING you need to animate on an iPad, for every skill level.

From simple short animations to advanced rigged characters.

We do that in this course by taking you through animating an entire animated short, and breaking the process into different programs, depending on the complexity needed.

We’ll start with basic visual development using Procreate, and move on to drawing character sheets and complete storyboards.

We’ll then turn these storyboards into an animatic using DaVinci Resolve for editing, and Garage Band for audio. All on the iPad.

We’ll then dive into our first piece of animation – a quick shot using Procreate. This will be our first go at animating on an iPad, so we’ll keep it simple (for now).

We’ll then move on to FlippaClip for more advanced frame-by-frame animation, including lip sync.

Then, for the final shot, we’ll go into ToonSquid, for the complete animation experience on an iPad, going over raster/vector drawing tools, advanced frame-by-frame animation, layer animation, camera motion, using symbols, and even rigging a character.

We’ll end the course by compositing and editing our short in DaVinci Resolve, and exporting it for the final piece.

This course is one of the most exciting ones we’ve made so far.

It shows the endless possibilities of animating with just an iPad and a stylus, anywhere you are, whenever you feel like it.

And if you never animated before, it will definitely get you excited to try.

The course will come out sometime in September, so stay tuned!

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