2 Free Lessons from Our Blender Animation Course

If you are interested in learning character animation with the awesome FREE 3D program Blender, but not sure if our Blender Animation course is for you, check out these 2 free lessons from the course.

The Blender Grease Pencil

The first lesson covers a very cool tool Blender has called the grease pencil. Not only does it allow you to draw on top of your shot, making planning and thumb-nailing much easier, it actually allows you to add some 2D frame-by-frame animation directly on of your scene.

Animating with Onion Skin and Motion Path

Digging a bit deeper into planning and refining your animation, in this video we go over 2 very effective tools: Onion skinning allows you to view past and future frames, helping to make sure your motion is just the way you want it to be, and the motion path tool lets you see the actual arc of your animation, allowing for further refining.

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