TVPaint Animation Course is Now Available

Today we have released our TVPaint Animation course, one of the most in depth TVPaint courses out there. 36 HD videos lessons, with over 4 hours of content, and you can get it right now and start learning right away.

The course will be sold at a discount for the first 48 hours, so make sure to get it before April 26 at midnight, after which the price will go up and never drop down again.

So what is this course about?

This is a complete course to traditional hand-drawn 2D animation using TVPaint, one of the leading programs for frame-by-frame, old school animation.

What will you learn?

We’ll start by going over the TVPaint interface and understand how to work with the project window, the timeline and how to set different preferences. Then we’ll go over the basic drawing tools, custom brushes, sketch pens, setting guidelines and transforming objects.

Before starting to animate we’ll learn how to storyboard our project and export an animatic. Then we’ll prepare our project for animation. Once we’re ready for animation we’ll cover all the the tools necessary: The light table, flipping, clean-up, coloring, texturing and demonstrate how to animate an entire shot from start to finish.

Once our animation is ready, we’ll learn how to use TVPaint’s special effects such as lighting, toon-shading, multiplane camera as well as how to export our final shot.

Take hand-drawn animation to the max

TVPaint is a high-end professional animation software, focused on traditional hand-drawn animation style. We’re talking old-school Disney/Ghibli quality. I’ve brought in an amazing 2D animator to take you through this sophisticated program, and I truly believe he created the best TVpaint course out there.

To learn more about the course, including the lessons structure and different packages, go to the course page.

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