Storyboarding Foundations Launches on September 5th – Plus an Important Announcement

Morr Meroz Misc

We have an official release date for our newest upcoming course Storyboarding Foundations! The course will launch on Tuesday, September 5th!

Important note!

The course will launch with a discounted price for the launch period, which will end the following Thursday (September 7th).

When the launch period ends on Thursday at midnight, the price of the course will go up and will never drop again. You know the drill.

But that’s not all… Are you ready for this?

Not only will the price go up at the end of the launch, but we’re increasing the prices of our entire course library! That’s right. All of our courses will cost more after September 5th. I’ll provide the actual numbers later on, but I would highly recommend getting any courses you’re interested in sooner rather than later.

So Storyboarding Foundations… What is it about?

This course will help you take that first step to making your film a reality. Storyboarding is one of the most important steps to making a film, and one you should absolutely NOT skip. This course will help you get comfortable with making one yourself, with whatever software you choose, or even using pen and paper. You will not find a more in-depth course on storyboarding anywhere else.

What will you learn?


We’ll start by going over basic filmmaking terminology and concepts, understanding what a storyboard is used for, shot types, camera moves and transitions.


After understanding the basics, we’ll dive deep into composition, learning how to get clarity in your shots. We’ll focus on focal points, rule of thirds, lighting, composition in moving shots, cuts, 180 rule, shot types and more.

Storyboarding Process

Jumping right into the action, we’ll learn the storyboard pipelines and structure, and start making one ourselves. We’ll see how to turn a script into thumbnails into rough boards into clean boards, and even how to pitch your storyboard and create an animatic.

Storyboarding with Photoshop

We’ll learn how use the storyboard template included in the course, as well as how to setup one for ourselves. We’ll go over drawing, exporting and creating an animatic from your boards.

Storyboarding with SketchUp

We’ll learn how to create quick 3D scenes and use a 3D camera to create shots for our storyboard using the free 3D program SketchUp.

Toon Boom Storyboard Pro

Included in this course is an in-depth mini course on Storyboard Pro, one of the most advanced storyboarding programs. We’ll learn how to use this program from start to finish, and create a professional-grade storyboard and animatic.

Learn more about the course.