Blender Animation is Available

This week we’ve finally launched the long expected Blender Animation course!


What Will You Learn in the Course?

In this course I will take you step by step through all the tools and methods for animation in Blender.


We’ll start by going over the Blender interface and understanding how to manipulate objects in our scene, then we’ll cover all the major animation tools like the dope sheet, the graph editor and learn how to create and use keyframes.

  Setting Up a Scene

We will set up a scene from scratch and make all the preparation for animating it: importing a rig, creating a camera and getting the right settings set up for animation.

  Animating a Shot

Then we’ll jump in and actually animate an entire shot from start to finish. We’ll sketch the poses with the Blender grease pencil tool, we’ll block our shot, spline it, polish it and see how all the tools we’ve learned about are being used in real time.


When the shot is done, we’ll go over some render settings, just enough so you can export a great looking shot with minimal effort.


The course syllabus


  1. Introduction
  2. What is Blender
  3. Downloading Blender


  1. The Blender Interface
  2. User Preferences
  3. Navigating in Blender
  4. Manipulating Objects
  5. Layers

Animation tools

  1. The Timeline
  2. Keyframing
  3. The Dope Sheet
  4. The Graph Editor
  5. Interpolation
  6. Animating on a Path

Setting up a shot

  1. Setting a Layout Preset
  2. Working with Scenes
  3. Using a Rig
  4. Controlling a Rig
  5. IK vs. FK
  6. Working with a Camera

Animating a shot

  1. The Grease Pencil
  2. Posing
  3. The Pose Library
  4. Blocking
  5. Preview / Playblasting
  6. Splining
  7. Onion Skinning / Motion Path
  8. Polishing
  9. Audio


  1. Render Settings
  2. Motion Blur
  3. Depth of Field
  4. Exporting
  5. Thanks for Watching

Making an Animated Short (FREE ebook)

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