Ultimate Ball Rig: A Free Squash and Stretch Scalable Bouncing Ball Rig (For Maya)

I created this ball rig for my upcoming animated short, but it could be used for some basic bouncing ball animation exercises as well.

It can do pretty much everything a bouncing ball rig should do, and a bit more:

  • It has squash and stretch controls.
  • These controls can be moved so that the stretching happens anywhere on the ball.
  • It has secondary rotation controls.
  • It’s scalable.
  • It’s free to download!

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Morr MerozUltimate Ball Rig: A Free Squash and Stretch Scalable Bouncing Ball Rig (For Maya)

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  1. David Floyd


    I downloaded the ball rig, and the controls are there, but it looks like the geometry was from a referenced file that is not included.
    “Reference file not found: /Users/mormeroz/Desktop/geometry_exercise/maya//models/ball/”



    1. Post
      Morr Meroz

      Thanks for letting me know, I accidentally forgot to import the referenced geo. It’s fixed now and you can download it again.

  2. David Floyd

    The rig is looking great! There are some unimportant errors on my machine due to a ‘base_OpenGL_Renderer’ which is not registered. Not going to cause problems, but might scare someone who is not sure why it’s erroring.

    Thanks for the great rig!

  3. ila-boubson

    i downloaded the the ball rig but when i try to open it a window pops out and says that i can not open it because of some data loss. the folder i downloaded only contains one scene which is the bloop-ultimate-ball- rig. do i need to download some additional resources. plz help am just new here and thanks in advance.

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  5. Andrew

    Hello, this looks like a great rig! Does the ball have a control for rolling? As in, does it have a control that rotates/rolls correctly when it translates, so the surface appears to stick to the ground as it rolls, regardless of the speed of the ball? Thank you!

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