Toon Boom Animation Course Has Launched!

We’ve just released our new course Toon Boom Animation, and let me tell you, it’s a big one!

This is probably the most in depth course we’ve created so far, including 39 video lessons spanning over 6 hours of content. Watch this trailer to see a bit more what the course is about:

What Will You Learn in the Course?

In this course I will take you step by step through all the tools and methods for character using Toon Boom Harmony.


We’ll start by going over the Toon Boom interface and understand how to work with different display views and how to use the X-sheet like a traditional animator.

  Creating Artwork

We’ll go over different way to import or create artwork for your shot. We’ll learn how to create the outline and the fill for our characters, as well as adding special effects.

  Frame-by-Frame Animation

We’ll start animating our shot with traditional frame-by-frame animation, going through all the steps from planning the key poses, roughing out the animation, clean up and coloring.

  Rig a Character

After we cover the traditional side of 2D animation, we’ll use Harmony’s advanced rigging tools to bone-rig a character using cutout rigs, puppet rigging and deformation. We’ll also see how to set up mouth shapes for automatic lip-syncing.

  Finishing a Shot

Over the course of this program you’ll see how an entire fully-animated shot is produced. We’ll add special effects, camera movement in 3D space and export the final shot in different formats.

Made for Animators. Experienced or Newbies.

As an animator, I’ve designed this course to be tailored specifically for people who want to get into 2D animation in the most professional way.

There’s enough in this course for the person who wants to make cool short animations for YouTube, as well as for the working professional who wants to get hired as a 2D animator.

Toon Boom Harmony is an incredibly robust professional-level animation software, and can do pretty much anything in the realm of 2D animation. Anything from stick figures to Disney-level results. I’ve brought in an amazing 2D animator to take you through this amazing journey, and I truly believe he created one of the best animation courses out there.

Course structure


3 Video Lessons | 7 Minutes

  1. Welcome to Toon Boom Animation
  2. What is Toon Boom Harmony
  3. Installing Harmony


4 Video Lessons | 31 Minutes

  1. Welcome Screen
  2. Interface Overview
  3. Display Views and Options
  4. Timeline and XSheet

Creating Artwork

12 Video Lessons | 2 Hours

  1. Art Tool Intro
  2. Importing Images and Movies
  3. Importing PSD AI SWF
  4. Selector and Contour Editor
  5. Pencil and Paint Brush
  6. Paint and Ink Tools
  7. Color Palette
  8. Reusing Palettes
  9. Bitmap Drawing
  10. Basic Effects
  11. Advanced Effects
  12. Symbols and Templates

Animation Tools

20 Video Lessons | 3.3 Hours

  1. Workflow Overview
  2. X-Sheet Planning
  3. Rough Animation
  4. Clean Up
  5. Coloring
  6. Cutout Rigging Basics
  7. Deformer Rigging Basics
  8. Rigging a Character
  9. Puppet Rig Details
  10. Puppet Animation Basics
  11. Puppet Character Animation
  12. Auto Lipsync
  13. Dialogue Performance
  14. Animation Paths
  15. Morphing
  16. Effects Animation with Morphing
  17. 3D Layers
  18. Virtual Camera
  19. Exporting
  20. Where to Go Next

So what are you waiting for? Get the course now!

Making an Animated Short (FREE ebook)

A free ebook covering the process of making an animated short film from start to finish.