Big Surprise…

Next week we are releasing a brand new course I’ve been working on in secret for quite a while, and today I wanted to tell you all about it.

There are also 2 cool surprises. Keep reading.

I’ve been making behind the scene videos and tutorials about making my films for a while, and now that my third short film is done I wanted to take things to the next level. I have created a complete 30 lessons course on the entire process of making Tasteful. From script-writing, to storyboarding, making an animatic and a previz, developing concept art, creating the models and rigs, a bit about lighting rendering and compositing, editing, sound design, music and a marketing section which covers what you can do with your film after its done.

This is a course I’ve been wanting to make for a long time, and now that Tasteful was complete I could finally sit down and create this massive new addition to our course library.

Ready for the first surprise?

This entire 30 lessons course is going to be COMPLETELY free.

It is the first and only free course on our website, so if you’ve ever thought about trying one of our courses, but wasn’t sure if it was worth your money, now you can try one for free.

Free ≠ Cheap

Just to be clear – this does not feel like a free course.

I actually almost changed my mind halfway through making it seeing how much value it has for people wanting to make a short film, but I really believed in showing that process to as many people as I can, in hope that more people will decide to make films, animated or not. It’s a really fun program to watch, but more than that I hope this course inspires action.

The course comes out next Tuesday, on July 31st.

As for the second surprise…

I couldn’t really release a course about making Tasteful without you seeing the movie right? If I’m giving the course for free, why not the movie?

Next week when the course comes out, I will also be releasing Tasteful for everyone to watch. This will be the first time the film will be available to the public, so I’d be very curios to hear what you guys think about it.

Next week is gonna be big.